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Development Roles

There are three main development roles required for an Ample SDK project, each facilitating different aspect of the overal development effort, and using different technologies of the framework:

Application Developer

An Application Developer is a UI engineer who implements User Interface and Logic (designed by UI/UX Designer) of an application. He will make use of available XML-based UI technologies (or be fed with a custom implementation provided by Extensions Developer) to define User Interface, CSS to style it, and use standard DOM or jQuery APIs to implement View logic.

Extensions Developer

An Extensions Developer is a UI engineer who develops XML-based UI technologies and/or extensions to the Ample SDK DOM, plugins on top of jQuery APIs. This role requires experience and knowledge of browser native technologies and quirks. For example an Extension Developer could work on implementation of XUL technology. He would often assist Application Developer with its needs in change of intrinsic behavior, API or style of UI components he developed.

UI/UX Designer

A User Interface / User Experience Designer would normally sketch, then draw the Visual Design of the User Interface of an Application, and define on how the end-user should interact with the Application. He doesn't require any programming skills, however in some occasions such a person could prototype Application UI using XML-based UI technologies and pass it to Application Developer.