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In this section you can find presentations and other interactive material.

  • Declarative and standards-based web application development with the Ample SDK (BarCamp Salzburg, March 2011)
  • Ample SDK - Declarative User Interfaces (video) (JavaScript en Enterprise, January 2011)
  • Ample SDK: A tour de force (BerlinJS, September 2010)
  • Building Complex GUI Apps The Right Way (SWDC 2010)
  • Эффективная разработка сложных веб-интерфейсов с Ample SDK (РИТ 2010)
  • Ample SDK - Open-Source GUI Framework (video) (Webmontag, February 2010)
  • Using SVG cross-browser with Ample SDK (SVG 2009)
  • Ample SDK: standards-based runtime for client-side applications (TAE 2009)