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Solution Architecture

This document covers the client-side (front-end) architecture of an Application written using the Ample SDK framework.

Application UI layer

This is the layer that comprises application resources.

  • Layout, resource type: XML (technologies: XHTML, XUL, SVG 1.1, XHTML5)
  • Style, resource type: CSS (technologies: CSS2.1, CSS3-namespaces, CSS3-ui)
  • Logic, resource type: JavaScript (technologies: DOM-Core, DOM-Events, Selectors API, XMLHttpRequest, JSON etc.)

Ample SDK layer

The Ample SDK layer is the framework that shields the Application UI layer from the Browser layer.
It consists of:

  • A Runtime, containing the core DOM modules implementation, componentization model and UI managers
  • UI languages, which are User Interface markup languages implementations

Browser layer

This is the abstract container that includes all web browsers supported with all their differences and quirks
Here different engines' wrappers reside:

  • Trident (Internet Explorer)
  • Gecko (Mozilla, Firefox)
  • Presto (Opera)
  • Webkit (Safari, Chrome, Air)
  • KHTML (Konqueror)