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JavaScript UI FrameworkTutorials

Hello World!

The very first example that most of us, developers, write in a new programming environment is "Hello World!" The Hello World! page will highlight all major aspects of such application.

Getting Started

The Getting Started Guide provides you with directions to set up the development environment which includes: the client in which the application runs, the server which serves application resources, the IDE that is used for developing code and the debugger that will help debugging the code.

Development Roles

The Development Roles page suggests how to separate roles in your bigger application development effort for its benefit. There is no problem if in a smaller project all roles are executed by one or two people though.

Application Development Guide

The Application Development Guide is written for developers who build applications with Ample SDK framework. The topics include: how to layout application UI, how to style it and how to write UI logic.

Extensions Development Guide

The Extensions Development Guide is written for developers who build extensions to the Ample SDK framework. It covers creating new markup languages and UI components, UI managers.

Technical Articles

Many documents end up in Technical Articles. You may refer there to get a sneak peek on framework lifetime, architecture details and more.

For jQuery Users

The For jQuery Users Guide has been written for developers with jQuery background who want to expand on technology stack and make use of more high-level UI technologies such as HTML5, XUL, SVG and more.


The page Presentations has links to many presentations - both slides and videos. Let us know if you know of other presentations worth be linked!