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JavaScript UI FrameworkBug TrackerBug details

Bug Data

ID: #0097
Status: Rejected
Severity: Enhancement
Reporter: Rob Krueger
Submitted: 17-06-09 16:15

Product Data

Product: Ample SDK
Component: DOM Core
Version: 0.8.x
OS: > Any
Browser: Firefox 2.x



The inline-block is not supported in Firefox 2, however it is possible to emulate it.
Apply following instead:


Messages written for this bug

Reporter: Lev Matematik
Submitted: 22-06-09 21:23
Message: The proposed solution doesn't seem to be correct. Firefox 2 doesn't support display:inline-block even near to a way IE6 does with its display:inline. Also bringing float:left to the scene makes the problem even worse (in a general sense) although it makes the trick in certain scenarious.

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