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JavaScript GUI FrameworkBug TrackerBug details

Bug Data

ID: #0198
Status: Rejected
Severity: Normal
Reporter: Lars Knickrehm
Submitted: 30-03-10 02:10

Product Data

Product: Ample SDK
Component: n/a
Version: 0.9.x
OS: Windows Vista
Browser: > Internet Explorer 8.0


UTF-8 entities not decoded

In IE8 on Windows 7 (32bit), Ample SDK does not decode strings in "text" elements.

You can find an example file at (search for ";").

Messages written for this bug

Reporter: Rob Krueger
Submitted: 10-05-10 23:42
Message: It looks like the problem you've run across could be caused on your side by inconsistent usage of character encodings: The HTML page was probably served in utf-8 while the SVG document in some other encoding or vice versa.

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