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JavaScript UI FrameworkBug TrackerBug details

Bug Data

ID: #0019
Status: Fixed
Severity: Minor
Reporter: Laurens
Submitted: 07-11-07 19:41

Product Data

Product: Ample SDK
Component: Effects
Version: 0.7.x
OS: > Any
Browser: > Any


Custom animation function needed

Need a way to pass a function for animations, like in Array.sort

Messages written for this bug

Reporter: Lev Matematik
Submitted: 09-11-07 12:59
Message: Now you can pass a function as the third argument that takes argument in the range 0...1 and should return a modifyed for your needs ratio.

For example:

this.$play("top:100px", 1000, function(nRatio) {
return Math.cos(Math.PI / 2 - Math.PI * nRatio);

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