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JavaScript UI FrameworkBug TrackerBug details

Bug Data

ID: #0161
Status: Rejected
Severity: Enhancement
Reporter: Christian Bodart
Submitted: 24-12-09 16:52

Product Data

Product: Ample SDK
Component: XUL 1.0
Version: 0.8.x
OS: > Any
Browser: > Any


tree (treeview) expand collapse nodes not working in example (IE8)

Am totally new here so haven't tried this on my downloaded version but on in IE8 the + and - is not expanding and collapsing the tree

(Ample is amazing btw I started something similar about 7/8 years ago (o nly SVG and XUL) before I switched careers - this baby is beautiful though - makes me want to get back in)

Messages written for this bug

Reporter: Christian Bodart
Submitted: 24-12-09 17:28
Message: Interestingly this works when page is saved as mht to my hardrive - so I've tried a few refreshes but it seems to fail still. I saw problems like this years ago with large amounts of script importing and decompression - I've never been convinced of the utility of script compression and I'm sure benchmarking has shown that since servers use compression techniques anyway it's not always the best way forward (especially with caching etc). But that may not be the problem at all...

Reporter: Rob Krueger
Submitted: 06-01-10 00:37
Message: I could not reproduce the issue.

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