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JavaScript UI FrameworkReference

Class DOMConfiguration

Configuration object.

Members Table

The following table lists the members exposed by the DOMConfiguration object.



List of supported parameters:

  • error-handler - if an error is encountered in the document, the implementation will call back the ErrorHandler registered using this parameter
  • ample-module-history-fix - fix initial value of the location.hash property in Internet Explorer
  • ample-fix-ie-css-transitions - fix IE6-9 transition style property
  • ample-enable-css-hover - Enables :hover on all elements
  • ample-version - Ample SDK version identifier
  • ample-locale - Ample SDK culture
  • ample-user-agent - Ample SDK user agent string
  • ample-user-locale - User locale
  • ample-enable-style - enable/disable style property on elements
  • ample-enable-guard - enable/disable API validation
  • ample-enable-transitions - enable/disable transitions