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Trident Keyboard Event Flow


Layer-1 keydown (only for latest key down) Handwriting recognition keyCode = 231 No Key Activity IME? Created via physical keyboard? IME Pad Command No Events Character composition sequence? keydown keyCode = 229 keyup keyCode corresponds to key pressed Character sequence completed? Done Combination of keys or a function key? Character key? Sustained? Browser/Windows keyboard shortcut? Loss of Trident focus? Released before Trident loses focus (or dialog shows)? keypress keyCode = character code Sustained or new combination key pressed? keyup Waits and fires keyup for each key that is depressed as they are released ALT? ALT released prior to other key(s)? keyup Only for other key(s) keyup Trident loses focus Trident Keyboard Event Flow Noted Exception: ALT+D No keydown event for the D. Microsoft IME: When using the IME Pad instead of a physical keyboard, only the command buttons fire keyboard events. IME Pad Command Buttons: BS, Enter, Space, Del, Esc, Conv, and arrow keys Character Keys: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, ESCAPE, SPACE, ENTER Function Keys: F1-F12 DOM Modified, if applicable DOM Modified, if applicable DOM Modified, if applicable

This drawing is taken from W3C public mailing list message