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JavaScript UI FrameworkExamplesUI Languages (SVG, XUL..)

UI Languages

This is a demonstration of UI technologies available in Ample SDK. In addition we are working on XForms 1.1 implementation to be demoed here at a later stage.

XUL examples

Examples of XUL - collection of UI elements useful when developing desktop-like applications.

SVG 1.1 examples

Examples of SVG - declarative vector graphics technology. Note, all examples will correctly work in Internet Explorer 5.5-8.0 despite this browser misses native implementation.

HTML5 examples

HTML5 examples - Forms Module, Canvas and more.

Charts examples

A collection of examples using Charts markup language to display different types of diagrams.

AUI examples

Examples of using AUI - a proprietary markup technology with several meaningful UI elements not met in other UI technologies.