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Ample SDK 0.9.4

Released: 1st December 2012

New features:

  • Added XUL overlay element and relevant APIs support
  • Added XUL observes element
  • Added support for referenced DTDs in XML documents
  • Added markup-based localization with @aml:content and @aml:values attributes
  • Added custom DOM event interfaces registration API
  • Added custom XML processing instructions registration API
  • Added ample.$encodeXMLCharacters() and ample.$decodeXMLCharacters() methods
  • Added Element.$mapAttribute() method used for mapping attribute change to shadow tree
  • Added ample.$init() method for Ample SDK initialization on request (for example when library is loaded by foreign loader)
  • Added CSS3 Transitions shim for IE older than 10, enable with "fix-ie-css-transitions" config setting
  • Implemented Node.isSameNode() DOM method
  • Implemented Node.isDefaultNamespace() DOM method
  • Implemented Query.slice() method
  • Implemented Query.find() method
  • Added shim
  • Added Function.bind() shim
  • Added String.substr() and String.split() shim to fix IE erratic behavior
  • Added Number.toFixed() shim to fix IE erratic behavior
API changes:
  • [backwards-incompatible] Removed support for load/unload event on fragments
  • [backwards-incompatible] DOMAttrModified event is now dispatched to elements even when they are not in the tree
  • ample.bind and query.bind now support space-separated list of event names for binding handlers
  • ample.query can take Query object as context for CSS queries
  • Refined Date.toJSON() method to include milliseconds
  • All Ample SDK exceptions moved to a new AmpleException class
  • Changed Backspace, Tab, Esc and Del to use «U+NNN» codes
Behavior changes:
  • ErrorHandler object can now be a function
  • CSS pseudo-class :hover now applies to all elements, not only ones marked with $hoverable property.
  • Config setting "enable-transitions" now only affects transitions in Resize and Drag&Drop managers
Major bug fixes:
  • Issue 81 — Fixed attr() API on SVG elements
  • Issue 84 — Fixed quiry string handling in XInclude href attribute
  • Issue 103 — Fixed Query.after() and Query.insertAfter() methods
  • Issue 107 — Fixed duplicate elements in CSS selectors
  • Issue 113 — Fixed oncommand attribute on XUL key elements
  • Issue 127 — Fixed XMLSerializer/XSLTProcessor in IE9
  • Issue 152 — Ample SDK's API Guard fails cross-window
  • Issue 154 — Query.load() ignores the callback
  • XMLHttpRequest object got missing constants
  • Multiple issues in IE9 related to XML handling
  • Multiple XUL elements fixes
Other changes:
  • Also expands vendor prefixes for CSS3 "transform" properties
  • Disabled all transition effects on pseudo class changes
  • Using native hashchange event where suported
  • Only run animation routines when requested
  • Using importNode to render view in IE9 and later
  • runtime.js and runtime-dev.js renamed to runtime-prod.js and runtime.js
  • Locale module has been uplifted to the latest version from jQuery community
  • Collections population on UI elements changed: now parent listens to DOMNodeInserted and registers child if neccessery, rather than child registering on parent durng DOMNodeInsertedIntoDocument

Ample SDK 0.9.3

Released: 12th June 2011

New Features:

  • Implementation of the good parts of jQuery API. More details in a Ample SDK for jQuery uses tutorial
  • Core localization service. Enables UI technologies and applications to accomodate to user locale
  • Plugins infrastructure. XSLT and Cookie plugins included with the SDK
  • Support for IE9 and FF4
  • Added base64 library that bring support for btoa and atob functions to Internet Explorer 6-8
  • HTML5 canvas element for IE6-8
  • Guarded API in development build
  • It is now possible to run Ample SDK from source without need to build
  • Simplified UI elements registration API
  • Re-visited component-in-component implementation API
  • Multiple fixes to SVG implementation for Internet Explorer 6-8
  • Multiple improvements to XUL implementation
  • Initiated implementation of HTML5 Forms
  • Optimized CSS Selectors for #id queires
  • Fixed mousewheel event on Mac platform
  • Fixed sequences of mousedown/click/dblclick/mouseup events in all browsers
API changes:
  • All Ample SDK classes previously exposed to window with prefix "AML" are now moved to ample.classes object
  • XML Schema 1.1 Datatypes module taken out of the core and needs to be included with application when needed.
  • UI elements registration mechanism changed. Please refer to the updated Creating UI elements tutorial
  • textInput event renamed to textinput to reflect latest changes in DOM Events specification
  • Removed Serializer and Namespace objects
  • Modality Manager changed
Known issues:
  • Charts do not work in Internet Explorer 9.0
  • Focus doesn't move properly in element with anonymous content
  • Dynamically created SVG elements in Interent Explorer 6.0-8.0 don't render properly

Ample SDK 0.9.2

Released: 1st July 2010


  • Added support for touch-based devices to the core (thanks Emil Stolk)
  • Refactored XHTML/XUL imeplementations
  • Internet Explorer 9 Preview 3 support
  • History manager APIs adjusted to HTML5 proposal
  • Implemented effectAllowed, dropEffect in DragAndDrop manager
  • Implemented setDragImage in DragAndDrop manager
  • Implemented tabIndex handling in focus manager
  • Added $abort method to Content Loader module
  • Added support for all standard color names
  • Added supoprt for Array.reduce, Array.reduceRight, String.trim, String.trimRight, String.trimLeft
  • Added readystatechange event and readyState event on Document
  • Automatic vendor-specific border-box, outline-radius, border-radius, box-shadow names expansion
  • Added @placeholder attribute support in XUL textbox
  • Implemented HTML WYSIWYG editor element in XUL
  • Tweaked XUL default theme styling
  • Optimized core performance by the means of bypassing external API validation internally
Major bug fixes:
  • History manager fixed for IE8
  • getBoundingClientRect() fixed
  • :not() CSSselector fixed
  • > direct child CSS selector fixed
  • Fully implemented compareDocumentPosition()
  • Dynamic manipulations on boxed elements in XUL fixed
  • keydown events now repeat in Opera as they do in other browsers
  • Events originated on modal nodes now have correct $pseudoTarget
  • Fixed text selection problem while dragging
API changes:
  • Removed support for getElementsByAttribute(NS)
  • Deprecated AMLSerializer, introduced AMLNode.toXML method
  • Methods $setCapture/$releaseCapture renamed to setCapture/releaseCapture

Ample SDK 0.9.1

Released: 18th March 2010


  • Tweaked to run in IE9 Preview
  • Imported W3C SVG 1.1 Full Test Suite
  • User-Agent header sent with all XMLHttpRequest operations changed to X-User-Agent
  • Added "X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest" HTTP header
  • createTextNode and createCDATASection now accept any datatype in DOM-Core
  • SVG elements' inline handlers now get proper parameter "evt" instead of "event"
  • fixed :not selector in Selectors API
  • support for multiple pseudo-class selectors (:focus:hover etc) in CSS
  • charts now support width given in percents
  • implemented @treelines attribute on tree element in XUL
  • re-factored wizard/dialog/window presentation in XUL
  • fixed headers scrolling in tree/listview elements in XUL
  • fixed broken toolbarbutton's popup position in XUL
  • "svg" element now has "load" event in SVG
  • "script" tag implemented (SVG)
  • @color attribute and "currentColor" value implemented in SVG
  • xml:base attribute support on "image" elements in SVG
  • image element can now be also trasnformed and have opacity too in SVG
  • support for "inherit" value in SVG
  • polygon element now has its path closed in SVG
  • re-factored several core functions to not be called through API

Ample SDK 0.8.7

Released: 26th July 2009

New functionality:

  • SVG 1.1 Text Module
  • SVG 1.1 CSS Support
  • SVG 1.1 transform attribute
  • AMLElement.getBoundingClientRect implemented
  • AMLElement.scrollIntoView implemented
  • $setModal/$releaseModal on
  • capture event in Capture Manager

Ample SDK 0.8.4

Released: 25th March 2009

New functionality:


Ample SDK 0.8.3

Released: 3rd March 2009


  • Aptana IDE plug-in
  • Adobe Air supported
New functionality:
  • JSON Object support
  • Selection Manager
  • :drag, :drop, :resize, :focus pseudo-classes
  • CSS properties min-/max-|width/height in Resize manager
  • suport for display:inline-block in Internet Explorer
  • Experimental draft implemenation of SVG 1.1 (selected modules)


  • AMLLanguage renamed to AMLNamespace
  • XUL and AML partially re-factored

Ample SDK 0.8

Released: 22 december 2008

New functionality:

Ample SDK RC

Released: 24 december 2007

New functionality:

Ample SDK Beta 4

Released: 06 september 2007

New functionality:

Ample SDK Beta 3

Released: 12 april 2007

New functionality:

Ample SDK Beta 2

Released: 19 february 2007

New functionality:

API changes:
  • property $focusItem renamed to $focusable (Focus Manager)
  • property $focusGroup renamed to tabIndex (Focus Manager)

Ample SDK Beta 1

Released: 05 january 2007

Basic functionality: