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There is so much work going on in the development of Ample SDK (check out to see the scale) yet there are many more ideas and work hanging in the air waiting for realization. On this page we will maintain the list of actual ideas and ways (you could help this project move even more forward) for product development, quality assurance and community awareness.

Are you looking to make something good for an awesome Open-Source project? Check the ideas below. Do you feel challenged? Come and Join us! Do you have your own idea? Tell the fellows about it at the end of the page!

For Designers

There is definitely need in better visual design for UI elements in Ample SDK. If you are a Visual Designer, you could very easily help us creating new themes - check out tutorial for details. If by a virtue you are an Interaction Designer - please walk through the Examples and send your comments regarding the behaviour of UI element to the Ample SDK Discussion Group. See below what needs most attention now.

Visual Design
  • HTML5 Form elements
  • XUL UI Language
  • Charts
Interaction Design
  • UI Languages
  • UI Managers

For Developers

Core Technologies

  • XPath implementation
  • Templating module
  • Data-Binding module
UI Languages

  • XForms
  • XML Schema - Structures
  • Mobile UI Technology

  • MVC library
Browser Console Integrations

  • Firebug Plugin
  • Chrome/Webkit Plugin
IDE Integrations

  • Eclipse WTP-based plugin

For Evangelists

For Writers

For Testers

  • Unit Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Performance Testing