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Road ahead Ample SDK 0.9.5

As some of you have already spotted, the development of 0.9.5 version has started. In this post I would like to highlight some of the major features and changes expected to happen in the new version and set the projected release date.

But first warning: please do not try to use current master branch in any production environment as it is highly unstable and contains backwards-incompatible changes. If you are looking for 0.9.4 branch, there is one created for maintenance purposes - mainta-0.9.4

  1. Changes in the DOM Core implementation, related to attributes handling
    • Attribute values to be stored in Attr node objects, as per specification (already in master)
    • Element's .attribute property type to change to NamedNodeMap, as per specification (already in master)
    • Method getAttribute() will be changed to return null for attributes that were not specified, as per specification (already in master)
    • Default attribute values feature will be dropped from elements API
  2. New feature - support for Ample SDK fragments in host HTML document <head> section
    • This can be useful for inclusion of fragments which are not intended for presentation, for example definition of XML Schema data types, data islands etc.
  3. New feature - XPath 2.0 plugin
    • XPath 2.0 engine has already been implemented, only wiring and packaging is necessary
    • Note, because of the code size, this feature will not find its place in the runtime, core module of SDK
  4. New feature - XForms 1.1 language
    • The dependency on XPath 2.0 availability has been resolved, so implementation can now start
    • Assistance wanted!
  5. Improvements to XUL and XHTML implementations
    • Reference changes
    • Internal file structure changes to address needs in documenting new modules and enabling better hyperlinks (already in master)
    • Presentation will change from old MSDN-inspired to Java-inspired members viewer

The expected release date for 0.9.5 is set to 31st May 2013. First builds should hit the web-site earlier in March.