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Ample SDK 0.9.4 Released

Greeting! With this post I am pleased to announce general availability of the new Ample SDK 0.9.4 build.

Main development focus was on improving the core module of the SDK - runtime, yet multiple tweaks were applied to all UI languages too. Also, almost a hundred of issues and feature requests have been addressed in this version, thanks to your feedback and support.

Some highlights:

  • CSS3 transitions shim for IE6-9
  • XUL observes and overlay elements
  • Support for :hover pseudo-class on all elements (configurable)
  • Support for referenced DTD documents
  • Support for isDefaultNamespace() and isSameNode() Node methods
  • Support for slice() and find() Query methods
  • New JS shims: Function bind(), Date now()
  • IE fixed core functions: Sring split(), String substr(), Number toFixed()
  • Content localization with @aml:content and @aml:values attributes
  • Core Globalization module has been uplifted
  • Support for custom Event interfaces
  • Support for custom XML processing instructions

Because we are still on 0.x branch, a couple of backwards-incompatible changes were introduced in this release with intent to improve overal performance and stability of the framework. These changes do not affect application developers, these should carefully be addressed in implementations of your custom UI languages by component developers. Please refer to the complete Changelog for details.

Ample SDK 0.9.4 Download page