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Ample SDK 0.9.3 Released

Greetings! Today we released new version of Ample SDK - 0.9.3. The major focus was on maturing the platform core - Runtime module. There are multiple improvements to XUL and SVG implementations too. It is almost impossible to highlight all features, improvements and changes made (try browsing commits log on GitHub). A short summary can be found below.

New features

  • Implementation of the good parts of jQuery API. More details in a Ample SDK for jQuery uses tutorial
  • Core localization service. Enables UI technologies and applications to accomodate to user locale
  • Plugins infrastructure. XSLT and Cookie plugins included with the SDK
  • Support for IE9 and FF4
  • Added base64 library that bring support for btoa and atob functions to Internet Explorer 6-8
  • HTML5 canvas element for IE6-8
  • Guarded API in development build
  • It is now possible to run Ample SDK from source without need to build

  • Simplified UI elements registration API
  • Re-visited component-in-component implementation API
  • Multiple fixes to SVG implementation for Internet Explorer 6-8
  • Multiple improvements to XUL implementation
  • Initiated implementation of HTML5 Forms
  • Optimized CSS Selectors for #id queires
  • Fixed mousewheel event on Mac platform
  • Fixed sequences of mousedown/click/dblclick/mouseup events in all browsers
Backwards-incompatible changes

  • All Ample SDK classes previously exposed to window with prefix "AML" are now moved to ample.classes object
  • XML Schema 1.1 Datatypes module taken out of the core and needs to be included with application when needed.
  • UI elements registration mechanism changed. Please refer to the updated Creating UI elements tutorial
  • textInput event renamed to textinput to reflect latest changes in DOM Events specification
  • Removed Serializer and Namespace objects
  • Modality Manager changed
Known issues

  • Charts do not work in Internet Explorer 9.0
  • Focus doesn't move properly in element with anonymous content
  • Dynamically created SVG elements in Interent Explorer 6.0-8.0 don't render properly