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Ample SDK Development Update (May)

It has been a while since the last development update. The work on the project however was never put on hold for longer and the active development is being restored at the moment. In the past months we also presented at the conferences in Paris, Johannesburg and in Salzburg.

0.9.3 Release Plan

It is our intention to release Ample SDK 0.9.3 on 12th June 2011. The release will include:

  • stable core (runtime)
  • support for IE9 and FF4
  • jQuery APIs
  • localization service
  • plugin system
  • new component in component implementation
  • improved SVG implementation
  • improved reference content

The 0.9.3 release will not include major improvements to XUL implementation. We are looking for community support to help us working on that technology.

Development Roadmap

The directions for the further development of Ample SDK are outlined below.

  • Ample UI - new UI technology for your applications
  • HTML5 Forms components
  • Clipboard APIs

By the way, are you missing anything from Ample SDK? Please tell us!