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HomeBlogUpcoming Events: September/October 2010

Upcoming Events

With this post I would like to let you know about several upcoming events for September/October where we will either be attending or presenting.

Berlin JS, Berlin, September 23rd

At BerlinJS we will be presenting "Introduction to the Ample SDK JavaScript GUI Framework", a 20 minutes introduction talk. There is a chance we will demo HTML5 Forms implementation which we are working on now!

JSConf EU, Berlin, September 25-26th

We'll be around, likely wearing T-shirts with an Ample SDK logo. Unfortunately we had not been selected to talk at this conference, so will enjoy the exciting people and talks by others. And yes, we'll join the JSConf Party on Saturday in Home Base Berlin too!

Fronteers 2010, Amsterdam, October 7-8th

Not been to the only awesome conference in Amsterdam? It's time then. We will be attending this event too - look for Ample SDK t-shirts!

Hope to see you at some of the events!