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February in Ample SDK

On 23rd February 2010 we released Ample SDK 0.9.0, below are some highlights:

1) New JavaScript Charts

With this release we include preview of JavaScript charts implementation in Ample SDK. The charts are not production-ready and should be used with care, much of functionality missing or working incorrectly.

Area Chart Example

Multi-series charts:

  • Bar (normal, stacked, percentage)
  • Column (normal, stacked, percentage)
  • Line (normal, stacked, percentage)
  • Area (normal, stacked, percentage)
  • Radar
  • Doughnut
  • Bubble
  • Map

Single-series charts:

  • Pie
  • Funnel
2) SVG 1.1 implementation for Internet Explorer
  • @transform attribute on all shapes and on groups fully supported
  • Text module quirks fixed
  • Image element implemented with support for opacity and transformations
  • Colors specified in percentage rgb(0%, 90%, 19%)
  • Colors with opacity rgb(100, 200, 12, 0.5)
  • currentColor and @color attribute
  • :hover pseudo-class for A element
  • xml:base on image tag
  • resolved many issues with scripting elements

Some examples that could not render in previous versions: SVG Grapes, Matrix, Scim. In fact all demos available in the download package now run!

We also added W3C official SVG 1.1 Test Suite (Tiny) into the project to test our implementation against and already resolved several issues thanks to that quite comprehensive set of tests.