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1. Ample SDK gone Open-Source

As we promised at the Ajax Experience and SVG Open conferences, and later on announced in a blog post, Ample SDK is Open-Source project as of 1st November, 2009. You can now use it under GPL or MIT licenses. The simple reason why project had been closed-source for the first year is because the lead developer, Sergey Ilinsky, was bound by a contract with his previous employer.

  • Ample SDK Goes Open Source!
  • Ample SDK als Open Source freigegeben

Several other new articles published that might be of your interest:

  • Build Rich Internet Applications - JavaScript GUI Framework
  • Ample SDK — Javascript GUI библиотека. Обзор

2. Project Changes

Below we only highlight changes that may affect existing code, the bug fixes and further development is not mentioned here. Several minor changes happened this month include:

  • ample.$getContainerPosition removed, use element.getBoundingClientRect
  • ample.getElementPosition removed, use element.getBoundingClientRect
  • $setCapture/$releaseCapture methods became public: setCapture/releaseCapture
  • removed private $handleEvent member (was only used within Core/runtime)
  • Ample SDK build now includes pre-processed CSS documents, that can be used on a page with regular text/css mime-type

3. New development

We have started implementation of Charting technology. The scope of the project is to implement all major chart types, such as: Bar, Bubble, Doughnut, Funnel, Line, Pie, Radar and Map charts.

Another new project is XML/JSON-RPC APIs. Although most of the Client-Server communication can be managed with the help of XMLHttpRequest object, we've got several requests for specialized APIs.

4. Testing set up

We have set up JSUnit unit testing framework. New development will be accompanied with relevant unit testing commits, old code will get unit tests with the time.

5. Other updates

  • Bugtracker moved to a new location
  • The About page moved to a new location
  • Development ideas document created on GitHub Ample SDK Wiki
  • GitHub commit messages are now forwarded to the Ample SDK Development mailing list

Keep an eye on Ample SDK, next...