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SVG in Internet Explorer: Approached the edge

An entire week was spent on lifting up our SVG implementation for Internet Explorer. The result is very impressive and you will soon see examples and demos highlighting results. With this effort we believe we have approached the edge - VML cannot do more useful work for SVG. Yet the functionality implemented is enough to display very complex static and dynamic SVG drawings.

Meanwhile I'd like to mention the improvements and additions:

  • Text Module: text, textPath and tspan elements implemented
  • Gradients Module: linearGradient and radialGradient elements implemented
  • Path Module: path command parsing issues resolved
  • Fixed issues with strokes, such as: stroke color modification at runtime, stroke-width rendering, stroke-linejoin implemented
  • Fixed issues with transformations: scaling, translating

The reference will be updated with the new elements shortly after the new 0.8.7 release, scheduled for 26th July.