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Drag And Drop / Resize UI managers enhancements

The drag and drop UI manager in Ample SDK is modelled after Internet Explorer's one, that had been existed in that browser for some 9 years already. This model has also been implemented by some other browsers recently and is going to become part of HTML5 standard. The resize UI manager in Ample SDK is also inspired by IE's implementation.

These two principal managers had been existed in Ample SDK since its development start too, however there were some issues recently found and reported:

  • bug 71 - canceling Drag&Drop/Resize operation on Esc keyboard button click
  • bug 61 - Do not propagate any MouseEvent during Drag and Drop operation

The first issue is indeed usability improvement. Although the behavior could have been implemented by Ample SDK developer locally in his application, it is clear, that implementing such a "feature" as part of the Drag and Drop model is more efficient.

The second issue is an optimization suggestion, but it is also part of HTML5 spec. It clearly defines the behavior of a User Agent with respect to its MouseEvent events dispatching activity during the User Operation.

Both issues are now resolved, however they did not go into latest 0.8.4 release and will end up in the following update soon.