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Experimental support for SVG 1.2 Tiny in Ample SDK

You might know, that Microsoft Internet Explorer does not support any version of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Moreover, there is no evidence of any kind of plans on adding that to the browser. However, this browser has pioneered support for Vector Markup Language (VML) that was added to the IE back in the dates when version 5 was released. Fortunately, these two technologies have many functionalities in common, so that syntaxis of the former can be expressed in the later (and vice versa).

As of the weekly build of 14th January 2009 Ample SDK got experimental implementation of some SVG modules and that now works fine in IE! The functionality implemented includes Basic Shapes, Paths and some elements from the Document Structure module. This should be already enough to build any kinds of graphics or figures. Remember, the work is in progress, wait for the new modules: Text and Animation.

Try out a demo SVG Tiger (Open in Internet Explorer, in other browsers there will be no wonder ;) )