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Road ahead Ample SDK 0.9.5

As some of you have already spotted, the development of 0.9.5 version of has started. In this post I would like to highlight some of the major features and changes expected to happen in the new version and set the projected release date...

Ample SDK 0.9.4 Released

Greeting! With this post I am pleased to announce general availability of the new Ample SDK 0.9.4 build. Main development focus was on improving the core module of the SDK - runtime, yet multiple tweaks were applied to all UI languages too..

Ample SDK 0.9.3 Released

Greetings! Today we released new version of Ample SDK - 0.9.3. The major focus was on maturing the platform core...

Dev Update (May)

It is our intention to release Ample SDK 0.9.3 on 12th June 2011. The release will include...

Dev Update (October)

With this post I would like to shed some light on what was being done recently in the development of Ample SDK and the dates for the release of Ample SDK 0.9.3

Upcoming Events (Sep, Oct)

With this post I would like to let you know about several upcoming events for September/October where we will either be attending or presenting.

Search in reference

We have added a quick lookup search and commenting capabilities in tutorials.

Introduction to Ample SDK

Béla Varga made a nice 5 minutes presentation of Ample SDK platform and some of its features at the Webmontag an der Münchener Mediadesign Hochschule. Here is the video of his presentation.

February in Ample SDK

On 23rd February 2010 we released Ample SDK 0.9.0: New JavaScript Charts, SVG 1.1 implementation for Internet Explorer and more.

November in Ample SDK

As we promised at the Ajax Experience and SVG Open conferences, and later on announced in a blog post, Ample SDK is Open-Source project as of 1st November, 2009. Project Changes, New development, Testing set up, Other updates.

Set to go Open-Source

We are all set to go Open-Source in a couple of days

Sandbox to try code online

You can now start playing with Ample SDK project and its technologies without having to download and deploy the project on your site!

New Tutorials section

We've split up documentation into tutorials and reference. Now Reference contains pure API-related details, while Tutorials hosts guides and articles.

SVG in Internet Explorer

An entire week was spent on lifting up our SVG implementation for Internet Explorer. Here is the list of improvements and additions.

Drag&Drop and Resize

The drag and drop UI manager in Ample SDK is modelled after Internet Explorer's one, that had been existed in that browser for some 9 years already...

SMIL 3.0 in Ample SDK

In the latest weekly build there is SMIL 3.0 selected modules implemented...

Switching to HTML5 doctype

As an ongoing effort towards enabling standards-based development platform, we have made a firm decision to advice Ample SDK application developers to start using HTML5 doctype.

Using Resize Manager

The Resize Manager in Ample SDK is modeled after Internet Explorer implementation with a bit of goodies added on top. It uses same resizezstart/resize/resizeend events but also makes use of CSS min-/max-|width/height properties to define constraints as well as dynamic :resize pseudo-class applied at the time of resize operation.

JSON object support

In the upcoming release of Ample SDK there will be JSON object support.

Upcoming changes to CSS

The order of specifying pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements in CSS to be changed.

Ample SDK plugin for Aptana

John started working on Aptana integration plugin.

Default namespaces in DOM

Apparently some (wink!) people have troubles understanding how DOM treats default namespaces. To clarify the issue, let us consider a piece of XML parsed in an Namespaces-aware DOM implementation.

Ample SDK in Adobe Air

Ample SDK is now capable of running in Adobe Air.

Objects signatures changed

Recently we found out that object signature implementation was actually wrong. That is now corrected and the object signatures in Ample SDK changed.

SVG 1.2 Tiny in Ample SDK

As of the nightly build of 14th January 2009 Ample SDK gets experimental implementation of some SVG modules that work fine in IE. See the demo.