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Ample Runtime

Ample Runtime is the core component of the Ample SDK framework. It enables the XML processing, DOM abstraction and UI services. The UI Language implementations run on the Ample Runtime.

Javascript Technologies

The Ample Runtime contains an implementation of standard DOM (Level 3), which is provided to the developer to code its application against. This allows you to re-use any application logic already written, and also enables easier migration to a new platform. Besides this, there are several UI managers built-in, such as Drag & Drop, Resize, History, Focus and others. Learn more on Ample Javascript Technologies...

XML Technologies

The Ample Runtime also hosts implementations of XML "processing" technologies such as XInclude 1.0, XML Events 1.0, SMIL 3.0, XBL 2.0 etc. Learn more on Ample XML Technologies...

Ample UI Languages

The User Interface languages implemented in Ample SDK include such technologies as: XHTML 1.0, SVG 1.2 Tiny, XUL 1.0, HTML 5.0 etc. Learn more on Ample UI Languages...

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