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Runs in every modern web-browser

Ample SDK runs in every modern web-browser. When running it fills in functionality missing from the browser, giving web developers a standards-based API that allows them to stop worrying about browser quirks and start efficiently writing cross-browser application code.

Standards-based Ajax Framework

The Ample Runtime, the UI languages and the programming model are all based on open standards. Because of this, a web developer doesn't need to learn any new technologies or proprietary APIs. He can simply keep using already learnt skills with the JavaScript language, DOM, CSS, XML, XHTML and other technologies and standards. Those developers who have not yet learned these technologies - this is your chance to start!

Extensible Architecture

The architecture of Ample SDK is very flexible and extensible. You can easily extend Ample SDK or adjust it to the needs of your application by, for example, prototyping DOM core objects, creating new UI managers, creating custom UI components or even entire languages, thanks to its Componentization Model.

Transparent for the browser

When loaded in a web browser and running, Ample SDK doesn't modify the browser’s infrastructure. Thanks to this approach Ample SDK can be used in scenarios where only part of an application gets enhanced, without needing to re-write it entirely.

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