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Ample SDK plugins eco-system is something similar to what you find in jQuery. A plugin is a small JavaScript library that either extends the ample object or/and Query object returned from the ample.query() call. Plugin usually simplifies a specialized common task. There are several plugins included with Ample SDK:

Forms Plugin (in development)

The HTML forms plugin simplifies handling of forms. Although similar plugin is built into jQuery core, in Ample SDK it is packaged as a standalone plugin mainly because it offers specific to HTML functionality.

Cookie Plugin

The Cookie plugin makes task of managing page cookie simple.

Storage Plugin (in development)

The Storage plugin adds client-side data persistent storage capabilities.

XPath Plugin (in development)

The XPath plugin enables XPath expressions to locate nodes automatically and declaratively. Although this plugin could have been included with the Runtime, it is provided as a plugin because of lesser usage.

XSLT Plugin

The XSLT plugin provides an easy to use API to transform XML fragments with XSL-T stylesheets.