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JavaScript UI FrameworkAbout

Ample SDK is a standard-based cross-browser JavaScript UI Framework for building Rich Internet Applications. It employs XML technologies (such as XUL, SVG or HTML5) for UI layout, CSS for UI style and JavaScript with standard DOM/jQuery APIs for application logic. It equalizes browsers and brings technologies support to those missing any.


Ample SDK is entirely written in JavaScript and thus it does not require any specific components installed in the browser to operate properly. It doesn't modify the browser infrastructure but rather fills in the missing functionality. Go to Advantages to get more detailed information on the Ample SDK strengths.


Ample SDK consists of a Ample Runtime (or Core), User Interface Markup Language implementations and a set of plugins. Ample Runtime implements DOM (Level 3), XML languages, objects facilitating work with XML, XSL-T, and a whole range of UI services. Every UI Markup Language implementation is included separately depending on your needs and specifics of the User Interface you build. Have a closer look at the Ample SDK Technologies.


Ample SDK can easily be extended by prototyping existing or new objects. You can also create new components or entire languages that suit best your User Interface specifics. Check out Extensibility section for details.


Ample SDK Runtime is fully functional in all modern web browsers. User Interface languages are still being implemented/tested and some quirks might be observed. Please look at the Compatibility section for a more detailed support overview.


Ample SDK is free Open-Source project distributed using a dual-licensing approach under MIT and GPL licenses. Refer to Licensing section for more details.