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Databinding module gives you all the neccesary means for binding data and content generation. You can use "CSS Selectors" with namespaces support as a selection language facilitating XML documents querying.

Table generation

Source code

<script type="application/ample+xml" xmlns="" xmlns:d="" xmlns:a=""> <a:data id="xml_inline" type="application/xml" xmlns=""> <entry> <name>Sam</name> <age>31</age> </entry> <entry> <name>Ramon</name> <age>22</age> </entry> <entry> <name>Cindy</name> <age>24</age> </entry> <entry> <name>Remy</name> <age>45</age> </entry> </a:data> <table border="1"> <tbody> <tr> <td colspan="2">List of people</td> </tr> <a:repeater data="xml_inline" select="my|entry" xmlns:my=""> <tr> <td>{my|name}</td> <td>born {my|age} years ago...</td> </tr> </a:repeater> </tbody> </table> </script>